Hot to Get a Base Tan If You Have Pale Skin?


You would want to look for a base tan builder or a tanning lotion. Usually, these have high moisturizer levels and just the right accelerator levels for your particular type of skin. The market is flooded with many lotion brands and some of them have already found their way to professional salons. Among the long-established and popular brands are names such as Most Products, Tan Incorporated Brown Sugar, Emperor and Hoss Sauce Ultra Dark, Ultimate Carbon and many others.

A tanning bed should be your next consideration. It is of vital importance that you do not overdo your tanning sessions. Do not tan every day and do not stay in for more than the recommended time. What we have discovered is that it is best to tan every other day and for no more than 3 times a week. You need to give your skin enough time between sessions to properly build your tan. Avoid overexposure but if your skin is already burning, stop tanning until it fully recovers. Some people are on the opinion that they need to burn in order to acquire tan but this notion is quite counterproductive and not the best option for your skin. By burning in the sun, you also develop resistance and make tanning even harder.

Next time you decide to tan in a bed or on the beach, ensure you have bought some tanning stickers to secure a temporary and modern tattoo. You would not believe how dark your skin has really become!

How long does tan from spray last?

The quality of a product dictates for how long the spray tan will last. Prior to the use of any spray product for tanning, the skin must be prepared for a maximum effect from the spray tan. The spray tanning effects usually last for between 5 and 10 days before they start fading.

There are a number of tips for acquiring spray tan that allow your tan to last longer. Below are listed the five most often followed tips to increase your spray tan’s life.

Before starting your spray tan session, exfoliate (remove the dead skin cells). You should take a shower at least 30 minutes before applying spray tan. Also use an exfoliating scrub that will help you remove the dead cells from the surface of your skin. This will result in a more even tan and will better prepare your skin to absorb the solution of the spray tan.

Prior to showering or swimming, wait for at least 8 hours. The effect of a spray tan can be prolonged in you wait for eight or more hours before showering after a session. If you shower too soon prior to a tanning session, you can get uneven skin streaks all over your body.

A spray tan can also be maintained and prolonged through the use of moisturizers having DHA ingredients. Maintaining the effects of the spray tan is easily done by applying the moisturizer every morning and evening.

Cleansers and harsh soaps should be avoided. Use body wash, gentle skin cleansers and soaps when taking a shower or bathing. Also try to stay away from ingredients like AHAs and BHAs.

Place a tanning sticker on a desired location of your body prior to using the spray. You will be surprised at how dark your skin has become after the tanning procedure.