Permanent Hair Removal – Is It A Fact or Fiction?


Living in a world where image and self-esteem are of high importance, people are actively seeking permanent hair removal to eradicate once and for all those unwanted hairs. As a result, hair removal trends have been growing in popularity. A wide variety of products and hair removal systems are being sought after by both female and male clientele and also by the increasing transgender community.

Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are two options that are quite suited when targeting larger areas with dark hair growth. Being newer technologies they first launched with the claim of offering permanent hair removal, however as the results from these treatments are not predictable as they have their limitations due to targeting the melanin in the hair. Differentiating results could be between 85%-95% hair reduction, and due to that and other features of LASER and IPL, the FDA allowed them to claim to offer permanent hair ‘reduction’ only.

Electrolysis on the other hand, can treat all hair types, even white and grey in color, and can also safely treat all skin tones. For example, a qualified beauty therapist with electrolysis training would be able to work with clients from different ethnic background and treat hair growth in all areas including hair within the eye area. Since its introduction it has developed to be more comfortable and safe for the practitioner and for the client. Protection, such as goggles are not required during treatment, only gloves for sanitary purposes. Electrolysis has been used for over 130 years and is still the only permanent hair removal solution.

There are different types of electrolysis: Short Wave Diathermy, also known as Thermolysis, Galvanic (Direct Current) and the Blend method, which is a combination of the Thermolysis and Galvanic. All of these methods progressively weaken the hair in order to eliminate hair growth. Therefore, removing hair permanently has been a fact for a long time and electrolysis is still the only method that offers a solution.

Electrolysis is a treatment that is offered in beauty salons and clinics where a client would receive advice and expert opinion on issues they have, such as unwanted hair growth. Many skin conditions and lesions, such as skin tags, thread veins, a variety of warts, ilia, blood spots and verrucas can also be successfully and safely treated using advanced electrolysis techniques. It is important to note that people who would like to receive a procedure should contact a professional with a recognized electrolysis qualification and license to ensure they are taking full advantage of the possibilities at electrolysis has to offer.