Tips on Everyday Make-Up


We always want to look our best and be in sync with the latest fashion trends. So here is one of the latest make-up trends that has been spreading like wildfire: the natural look. Although, going outside of the house without any make-up is generally not the preferred solution to this trend.

Essentially, we keep the everyday make-up look to a minimum, although we still want to create that beautiful flawless, radiant and natural sheen that a professional make-up artist could give to our face. So here are some tips to help achieve a fabulous professional make-up look every day.

1. First off, before applying make-up is the preparation of the face. Clean and moisturise it so that the make-up goes on more smoothly.

2. Then, use a primer, and apply on the areas that need to be evened out before the foundation.

3. There is no need to have special make-up training in order to know some tricks to cover any discoloration and blemishes on the skin. For example, under the eyes apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than the actual skin tone. Later it will even out with the application of the foundation.

In order to apply less foundation start the process from the ‘T’ zone the face and move outward. This particular ‘T’ area is a code for the forehead, nose and chin. Then in order, to set the foundation, use translucent powder and a big brush and gently go over the whole face with it. Don’t forget to put a little bit of concealer or foundation around the lips, as it will help later to define them more.

4. To highlight and define the cheekbones use a shimmer / blush. For a lighter fresher look take advantage of the shimmer and with small circular motions, apply a little bit either before or after you apply the foundation. You can also use the shimmer just below your eyebrow area to give more definition. Blush is used when the preference lies towards more sharply defined cheekbones, but don’t go overboard and make them look unnatural. A tip taken from a make-up training is to blend well and colour-match the contours of the face.

5. Now to move on to the luscious lips. To achieve the lips of a movie star using professional make-up select a lip pencil, preferably the same colour as your lipstick or a shade darker. Apply it on the contour of the lips and then with the side of the pencil fill in the lips. If the lip pencil is applied before the lipstick, the colour would be more long lasting.

6. The final point in make-up training is the eyes. For more definition, use an eye pencil or liquid liner. Apply as close as possible to the lashes of the top eyelid and then finish off by applying the mascara with an upward and outward motion. By choice, apply pink / peach or neutral eye shadow before the mascara and eyeliner. To achieve a smoother and long lasting effect, apply an eye primer or a hint of foundation onto the eyelids before applying the liner and eye shadow.