Symptoms Suggesting You Need A Cataract Removal

Eyes Vision

More common in older generations, cataract surgery is in important step in improving vision and helping individuals get back to their normal routines. A thorough exam by an ophthalmologist can let you know if this is an issue that you are facing and what your options are to improve your vision. But how do you know when it is time to make the appointment and mention your concerns? Every person should have an eye exam at least once a year, even if he or she has perfect vision. If you haven’t had an exam in a while, there are some symptoms that suggest you have a real problem to address.

Frequent Changes in Eyesight

Have you noticed that your prescription for eyeglasses seems to change each and every time you go in for an exam? Are you constantly struggling to find something to help improve your vision? Now is the time to talk to your doctor and find out if you need cataract removal. Most of the time the condition gradually changes and worsens but for those with diabetes, the issue can begin to show a real problem within just a few months. If you cannot seem to get your eyesight consistent, schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Poor Overall Vision

Not everyone that has trouble seeing will need cataract removal. Some will just need the help of a pair of eyeglasses or contacts to make the necessary improvements. However, those that are starting to see a real blurring of vision or have noticed that they cannot see as well as night might be experiencing symptoms. Different people experience different symptoms but it is common for patients to come in complaining of double vision in just one eye or even the need for brighter light when it comes time to sit down with a good book.

Fading of Color

Because of the condition’s gradual change, you may not notice the fading of colors. In some cases, the colors will take on a yellowish hue and your vision will not seem as bright. Often another person points this out to the patient. Both are looking at the same object but one notices that the color is bright while the other begins to note dullness about its appearance. In this case, the fading of colors may be a symptom that leads the doctor to suggest cataract removal.

If you have begun to notice any one of these symptoms, don’t panic. This does not mean that you will automatically need a cataract removal. What it does mean is that you need to make an appointment for an eye exam with a professional. You need someone to take a closer look and see if there is a larger issue that is causing problems with your vision. This is not an appointment that you want to put off.