Are Any TV Infomercial Ab Machines Worth the Money?

Fitness Equipment

With the preponderance of “six-pack” abs adorned by athletes, models and celebrities in the media, is it any wonder that so many ab workout machines have appeared in television infomercials over the past several years?

The important issue is, of course, whether or not any of them work to actually give you the fitness results you desire.

What is the best way to get six-pack abs?

Bottom line: If you don’t eat properly, with the right nutrition and exercise to burn fat off, no machine is going to “deliver” those sexy abs to you. Six-pack abs can only be achieved as part of a more comprehensive, overall nutrition and exercise program including a very healthy dose of commitment and hard work.

Some of the machines are fairly inexpensive, should I try them out?

Only if you want to waste your money. The cheap ones are pure junk. If you really must have them, just go to the yard sales about 6 months after the cheapo model infomercial runs, and you can probably get a deal on a used one at better than an 85% discount!

Why are some of the ab machines so inexpensive?

My suspicion is that they are intended to make the quick buck off of unsuspecting people who may have the motivation to improve their fitness, but do not have the means to afford the higher quality equipment and lack the knowledge to make the proper shopping judgment

Why do some of the ab machines, like the Ab Coaster, cost more?

Simply because of the superior materials that go into them. Go to a fitness club, and you’ll see that they only invest in heavy-duty grade equipment. These are machines that can endure the rigors of thousands of hours of people working out on them.

So, once again, will a quality ab machine help me get six-pack abs?

Maybe, but no one will see them if they are still covered in fat! Seriously, if your abs aren’t showing already, and an ab machine is used only by itself, you probably won’t get any visible abdominal muscle definition. However, if one works out with one regularly as part of an overall metabolism-boosting fitness regimen that works ALL parts of the body, and combines this with proper nutrition consistently, then of course it is possible. Obviously, there can be no guarantees: It depends upon the individual and the effort they put into it. A bit of proper knowledge and education will help as well. Certainly, however, there can be a benefit in utilizing a quality ab machine as part of your exercise program, just don’t waste your time and money on the junky ones.