Sole E35 – What You Should Know About This Machine

Fitness Equipment

Physical fitness is very important for everyone. These days with the development and improvement in the various fitness equipments available in the market, keeping yourself in good health is not any difficult. In the recent times, elliptical trainers have gained a lot of popularity and Sole E35 is none the less. This machine has its distinct advantages. With this machine, you can train your upper and lower body parts. The lower part of your body experiences less strain because of its elliptical motion.

The other brands that offer elliptical exercising machines are very costly whereas the machine has all the features of a high priced elliptical training machine at a reasonable price. This machine can handle weight up to 350 pounds, which is quite a big range considering that it can also be used by obese people.

It is fitted with a 30 pound flywheel. With a blue backlit LCD display, its console is easy to use. Moreover, a provision for holding water bottle and a cooling fan is also provided. For music lovers, the console comes inbuilt with speakers to play audio clips. This machine is smooth to ride with enough resistance that comes from its 30 pound flywheel. Eddy current brakes are supplied with it to give you complete control while working out.

You can choose from 16 preset resistance levels and 10 workout programs. To make foot pads more secure and safe, and to avoid any injury to the ankles, hips and knees; they are inclined inwards for about 2 degrees. Pulse sensors are integrated with handlebars to keep a track of your pulse while heart rate is monitored with a chest strap. Included is the warranty of lifetime on its frames, whereas other parts are covered for 5 years under warranty.

The main advantage of buying an elliptical machine is that it can be used for people of all age groups. Moreover, without spending too much, you get hosts of features at a reasonable price. Sole has done a lot of research and adopted innovative ideas and breakthrough technology to develop this machine, which has been attracting customers all over the world. With a wide range of resistance levels to choose from, anyone can make use of this equipment to its extremity. Sole E35 is made to perfection and can be bought online. However, before making any purchase some research is recommended to find the best deal.