Total Gym Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Fitness Equipment

The Total Gym advertisements show some big celebrity endorsements for this home workout system, however is it worth the price tag? This is definitely one of the more expensive workout machines you can get. It claims to be able to train your entire body and take up the least amount of space in your house compared to other machines. There are a few different modals now like the XLS, 1700 and the 1500 to choose from which all vary in price. They are all based around the same structure, just with a few different variations. So lets take a look at how it works.

How Does it Work?

It uses a single glide board and extra attachments. You pretty much have to use your body weight in a lot of different ways. As you getter better and stronger at the exercises you increase the incline to make it harder for yourself. It has exercises for the legs, abdominal, upper body, arms and even the cardiovascular system.

It comes with a few extras like an instruction manual on how to use the home gym. Some 6-8 minute workouts for people who don’t like to be working out all day. A wall chart with the most common exercises on and also a nutrition guide. So what are people saying about it?


We looked at many Total Gym reviews to see what people who have bought the gym were saying about it. Unlike some home equipment it is quite easy to set up and its good that it doesn’t take up much space. The DVD that it comes with is helpful and can get you working out within 30 minutes. The glide board that it comes with is quite comfortable and it is also easy to fold down and put away if you need to. Overall it scored pretty high with most people.


One of negative comments about it was that it was not the best quality product. Considering that it can cost from $200-600 dollars, depending which modal you get you would expect it to be top quality. Some people found that after a couple of months it started squeaking which just got worse over time. The price is also a little expensive compared to other machines. It is quite expensive. Some people also found it difficult to use compared to other home gyms which led them to send it back.