Eco Systems in the Human Hair – Good, Bad, or Evolutionarily Unavoidable?

Hair Loss

Have you ever noticed that homeless people act a little crazy? They don’t take showers very often, because they have no place to live, and you can tell by looking at their hair, and how dirty it is that there is obviously stuff growing in it. Now then, I ask; is this ecosystem in the human hair filled with bacteria, pollution, and what have you – causing some of these problems?

At a microscopic level, one could say that the human hair is like a giant forest, and it has an ecosystem all of its own. Humans have obviously evolved with this, and therefore, it should not be a negative, however in our modern age it seems to be. Most folks wash their hair often, and they probably don’t have a lot growing in that harry ecosystem. Many older men these days don’t have a lot of hair, and therefore, they don’t have the bacterial infestation, or ecosystem to deal with.

Indeed, I would suggest to you that there is both good and bad with all that microscopic life which lives in human hair, just as it can be a problem for our pets and animals at times. Nevertheless, it surely was evolutionarily unavoidable, even if we are now able to prevent most of the negative aspects of the situation with shampoos, frequent showers, and a cleaner environment. Then, we must also consider that there are chemicals in the air, pollution, and things that humans are not used too, chemicals created by man that were not available, or in high abundance in the last 50,000 years.

Humans have not evolved to deal with those things, and yet, all of that and more are part of this human hair ecosystem that exists today. If you go online and use “Google Scholar” you will see quite a bit of research on this topic, and yet, I would submit to you that we just don’t know as much as we should. Now then, it is highly known by forensic crime investigators that what is in the human hair is a “dead giveaway” as to where the individual has been, what they’ve eaten, and what chemicals they come in contact with.

This is very important information for all sorts of reasons, and I believe we need to do more research here. We may find that each individual’s harry microscopic forest ecosystem contains not only a wealth of bacteria, but also a wealth of information that is worthy of scientific discovery. Indeed I’d like you to take a few minutes to think about that.