Can Penis Enlargement Techniques From 2000BC Give You a Bigger Penis?

Mens Issues

History can be very surprising. For example: did you know that the ancient pharaohs, way back at 2000BC, were the first ones that tried penis enlargement?

You would imagine that the techniques weren’t as refined and as effective as they are today, and you would be completely true. They mainly used very large weights to hang to their penises, in effect increasing the size of the penis by stretching it almost twice its’ normal length.

Today we know that such an extreme technique can cause serious health problems, but back in those times, the kings were obsessed with having immense penises, so they didn’t consider the fact that they could damage their precious organ in the process.

So, we have another thing to thank the Egyptian king for, besides architecture and construction techniques. The techniques we use today are based on the principles they used in ancient times, being a little less dangerous in comparison. We don’t need any weights because jelqing and stretching are done with the help of our hands alone and with a special device for the stretching technique.

If the historians are correct, Egypt’s kings had the largest penises ever recorded in known history. They dwarf in length even the largest ones that we find today, so those methods were really effective. We do not recommend them today, because with a little patience you can grow the length and width of your penis with far less dangerous techniques, as you probably already know. These modern methods are in fact very healthy for your penis, so please don’t use the ancient, extreme methods.