Brazilian Waxing Made Clear

Spa and Wellness

Perhaps many of you are wondering what Brazilian waxing really refers to. Well, things could not be more simple: it is a kind of waxing that involves the bikini area. To be more precise than this, it means that the entire hair area from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva will be completely waxed away. For many years the Brazilian waxing style has been associated with females, but now it is a practice that many males engage as well. The name, you’ve guessed it right, comes from the country of Brazil, the place that it is most often associated with and from which the modern practice originated. After having one of these types of Brazilian waxing done, you will be left with a small line of pubic hair above the vulva, which is commonly referred to as a “G-Wax” or just “Brazilian”.

Of course there are also other styles of Brazilian waxes that completely remove the pubic hair. These are either called ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Sphinx’ depending on the salon that particular person has visited. There will be plenty of times when this waxing style is called Full Bikini Wax or, for short, FBW.

The Brazilian wax started in Brazil, as there were many women who wished to be able to wear the trendy and sexy thong bikinis. This is the main reason why the Brazilian waxing gained so much in popularity together with the movie stars that did it too! The gay community also encourages the Brazilian waxing, but, at the same time, heterosexual males are doing it too, if they are a part in the bodybuilding and fitness community. There is no shame in wanting to look good!

Throughout history, this technique of waxing of the genital areas has been used, no matter the societies or the places around the world, such as in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt but especially in arid or desert, and mostly in Muslim and Arab countries. As a curiosity, the waxes back then were based on sugar and made with lemon, but some of them actually included oils and scents to make it easier, from the discomfort’s point of view.

Nevertheless, the practice of Brazilian waxing of the genital area is quite new to modern Western cultures, as the habit of waxing or even shaving the pubic area did start being frequently used until the last 20 years.