Popular French Manicure Designs

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French manicures are a popular trend among ladies in America today. And for excellent reason – the French manicure is very universal, and is merely as appropriate for jeans and t-shirts as it is a wedding or prom dress. The classic French manicure has a light pink or nude base coat, with the hints of the fingernails painted bright white. Nearly every nail salon in America is educated in this manicure and provides them to customer on a daily basis. But now and again women love to add a bit of glamour to the French manicure, and this is easily accomplished by incorporating designs to their nails.

French manicure designs are typically done in nail salons. This can happen because salons carry all the equipment (and talent) to create some amazing designs. A popular method of applying a French manicure is through an airbrush machine, which gives the nails a smooth, even line when painting the hints white. Often manicurists will use the airbrush machine to create stunning designs. As an example, rather than airbrushing a classic white line on the tips, you can use a stencil to create upward points (resembling triangles). This gives you the classic look of a manicure while providing a particular and unique touch. If you choose to add color to your French manicure, you may have the manicurist draw or airbrush a tiny design on your fingernail. Popular designs incorporate symbolic holiday designs, like Christmas trees for the winter, pumpkins for the fall, or hearts for Valentine’s Day. Other designs frequently used for French manicures are flowers, palm trees, or letter initials.

Other designs popular among French manicures incorporate the applying of tiny gems or stones. These add a tiny touch of “sparkle” to your manicure. The stones can be applied singly or with a painted design to complete your preferred look. The manicurist applies them using small tweezers and a bit of nail glue, then coats them using a clear top coat. This assists seal the stones and prevent them from chipping off. You can select to add these to one fingernail on each hand, or apply them to all ten nails for extra special glamour.

Another popular design used with the French manicure is referred to as “nail tattoos.” These are transfers rubbed onto your nail directly from printed paper. They’re very much in-line with the applying of faux tattoos, and are then covered with a top coat to assistance maintain longevity. These enter a broad variety of designs, and the salon should be able to give you with a selection of available nail tattoos.

Finally, for those seeking an increasingly extreme approach to nail designs, a popular trend called nail piercing is now available at several nail salons. Nail piercing is typically done on acrylic nails rather than actual nails. This can happen because once an actual fingernail is pierced, it is nearly impossible to repair the nail later without needing to cut it down. Using a tiny ear piercing gun, the manicurist pierces the nail with a tiny earring. These are ordinarily studs or small gems. This procedure charges about $10 extra to your manicure.

With so many options for sale for French manicure designs, women now have the ability to tailor-make their manicure and exceed the classic look. Ask your manicurist for ideas on different nail designs.