Vitamins for a Healthier You


Almost all of us have gone through that childhood phase where we are constantly reminded by our parents to take our daily dose of meds. Notice how this practice slowly fades as we get older? Now that we are no longer reminded by anyone to take our everyday vitamins, we tend to take our health for granted. Don’t worry, it is never too late to start taking care of your health. Here are some ways towards a healthier you:

Vitamins are an essential part of every human body. They are needed for various bodily processes to be carried out. Basically, any deficiency or lack of any vitamin will surely have a negative effect on our body. This is why it should come as no surprise that supplements are now gaining more popularity as they did before.

Taking vitamins and supplements is a sure way for your body to get their much needed dose. Aside from eating a diet rich in healthy fruits and vegetables, taking supplements will guarantee that you have the right amounts of what is essential.

Another advantage when it comes to taking them is that they are the more practical option as compared to getting them from a food source. For example, to get your daily allowance (sort of your everyday quota) of Thiamine, you should eat foods rich with it. Pork and liver are good sources and carry concentrated amounts of Thiamine, but too much of these will likely cause an increase in your cholesterol levels.

So the next best thing would be to take something that would give you your daily Thiamine allowance without adding cholesterol, and that is only possible with the help of supplements.

Aside from being the cheaper and more practical alternative, taking supplements also give you the exact amount of whatever vitamin it contains. Since these are usually formulated according to the daily dietary allowances of adults and kids. This may be the reason why there are vitamins which are specifically made for adults or kids only.

The journey towards a healthier you always starts with a decision to change and shift towards the healthier lifestyle. Nothing beats a disciplined mind and body when paired with the right nutrition and vitamins to supplement your ever active lifestyle and ultimately, a healthier you.