Winter Calls For A Complete Multivitamin


Looking at the thermometer on my deck this morning, it seems the temperature was minus 8 degrees. That’s cold, folks. When I think of cold, I think how hard my body has to work to stabilize itself between time spent indoors and outdoors. Considering most of us don’t take in as much water as we should each day or get as much sleep as we should, stress caused by weather is just another factor increasing the likelihood of catching a cold or flu. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Part of my winter routine is to take a complete multivitamin each evening. Most products contain similar amounts of minerals and vitamins, although some are specially formulated to conform to certain life stage or life style.

For example, there’s a complete multivitamin for seniors which changes the basic formulation some to better fit the unique needs of seniors. Still other varieties are suited for very active people who need a lot of vitamin B to stay fueled.

There’s no substitute for a well-rounded diet; frankly that’s the most natural means of sustenance a body has. But in absence of the precise intake of recommended vegetables, fruits, protein and dairy, a complete multivitamin can serve the body and ensure no deficiencies occur.

Winter is an especially important time to reflect upon your consumption habits. As I wrote earlier, the extreme jump between temperatures can create additional stress which the body has to try to compensate for. Try adding a glass of vegetable juice to your daily intake along with a complete multivitamin and you just may be giving your body the protection it needs most when the temperatures drop and the flu bug comes out.