Necessary Medical exam at Hormone Pellet Therapy Miami FL Before Treatment And A Word About Pellets


If you’re suffering from frequent migraines, low sex desire, fatigue, frequent mood swings, depression, bone, and muscle weakness you must’ve thought about having a hormone replacement therapy.

It can really cure all these problems in much less time and give you a chance to live a happy life after your menopause.

But hormone replacement therapy is not suggested to every person. There are important things to consider before undergoing hormone therapy.

Otherwise, instead of being benefitted this therapy can harm you.

A laboratory exam is conducted for each and every patient at hormone pellet therapy Miami FL to ensure better and effective results without any harm to the patient.

Coupled with the exam is a thorough study of the patient’s medical history. This is as much important as the medical exam otherwise these hormones (taken in the form of pellets) can interact and cause detrimental effects on your health.

Different medical exams for both men and women are conducted to ensure safety.

For Female

  • Any extra bleeding that occurred other than the usual post-menopausal bleeding should be investigated.

It occurs after a year of the last period. Any irregular bleeding pattern should be checked before the hormone replacement therapy.

  • All symptoms should be checked by the doctor that what is their root cause and whether they can be cured by HRT. This is necessary for women that show menopausal symptoms at a younger age.
  • A Papanicolaou test and mammogram is necessary before going for a hormone therapy.
  • The most obvious test is checking the testosterone level. Women having testosterone levels of 15ng/dl to 60ng/dl can have hormone replacement therapy.
  • An estradiol test is also necessary to conduct before the therapy.
  • A complete blood count test to check the concentration of white and red blood cells and platelets in the blood.
  • A comprehensive metabolic penal (CMP) should be conducted
  • A TSH, FSH, and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) test

For Male

  • A PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test to check the number of PSAs in blood
  • A CMC and CMP blood test
  • A testosterone test
  • Tests for TSH, FSH, SHBG

The iron ferritin test is also conducted for both males and females prior to the therapy as a necessary requirement

Moreover, their daily diet and exercise plan is also necessary to be evaluated before going for the HRP.


Pellets are composed of hormones (testosterone, estradiol) that are required to be replaced. They also contain stearic acid.

They are molded by applying high temperatures into very small cylinders. On placing under the skin they release a continuous and consistent amount of hormones.

Their size is almost the same as the size of a grain of rice

They were first used in hormone replacement therapy by Greenblatt. Their size can vary according to the dose being given.

Estradiol has smaller pellets than testosterone having differently sized depending upon weight s which vary from 6mg to 25mg.

Credit: Nulife Institute

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