Treat Chronic Ankle Instability With the Aircast A60


Do you suffer from recurring ankle sprains? After playing your favorite sport, do your ankles feel sorer than they should? You may have thought that your consistent problems with having sprained ankles were due to avid sporting activity, however, you may actually be suffering from chronic ankle pain. Chronic ankle pain causes 10-30% of ankle sprains, and is often difficult to diagnose as a chronic illness. Many people with chronically unstable ankles perform their everyday activities and engage in contact sports without ever knowing that they are far more prone to ankles sprains than the average athlete. Athletes with this condition are highly susceptible to having multiple ankle sprains over the course of a short period of time, which could eventually lead to serious fractures, which require more recovery time.

If you have noticed that you experience symptoms that are reminiscent of chronic ankle ligament instability, there is a way to protect yourself despite your physical ailment. Wearing an ankle brace during sports and other strenuous activity can help solve the problem. By wearing a brace to support your ankle during these kinds of activities, you can greatly reduce your risk of spraining or breaking your ankle due to ankle instability. You may worry that an ankle brace will not solve your issue or make performing your athletics more uncomfortable, but that does not have to be the case. Today, sports medicine companies like Aircast make sleek, thin braces that fit comfortably within sports footwear and do not cause any physical discomfort.

The Aircast A60 ankle support is an excellent brace for those looking to prevent ankle injuries during sports performance and daily activities. Its lightweight mold fits comfortably and provides structure without inhibiting an athletes movement. One of the bestselling ankle braces on the market, the Aircast A60 is cost-efficient and very effective for its medical purpose. Its unique design provides the most support at the weakest part of the ankle, which prevents sprains. It also contains a stabilizer on either side of the ankle, molded at a 60 degree angle for special defense against rollovers.

The Aircast A60 is made from Breath-O-Prene, a high-tech, lightweight material that molds effortlessly to the shape of your ankle and fits underneath athletic shoes without adding extra bulk. This material is also great for keeping you dry and comfortable during athletic activity. Breath-O-Prene will not cause you to become hot and uncomfortable because you are using an athletic ankle brace. The Aircast A60 is perfect for athletes with chronic ankle instability who wish to continue their sports with less risk because its sleek, light model adds support without the athlete really being able to tell that it’s there. Best of all, the Aircast A60 goes on and comes off easily with one strap, so it makes ankle protection easy and hassle-free.