How to Stop Vaginal Odor

Womens Issues

Each woman produces a scent unique to her own body. Every woman has her own scent due to pheromones. These are considered to be nature’s perfume and it is how we are attracted to people in an animalistic way. However, sometimes a woman’s body produces this fishy odor that doesn’t send any attractive messages to men.

If you have vaginal odor, then you know how it affects your life. You don’t want to go out in public because you fear that someone is going to smell you. It would be so embarrassing to be at a social gathering and have people smell the fishy odor that your body is producing. Also, your sex life is taking a hit from this bad feminine odor. You aren’t letting anyone get close to you and you just don’t feel sexy.

You can stop vaginal odor in its tracks. You also don’t need a prescription either. Those messy creams will just make matters worse and they actually might make your infection worsen. The oral antibiotic doesn’t work either because it has to travel through your whole body before it hits the source of the problem. You need a better solution to stop vaginal odor.

A great way to get rid of vaginal odor at home is to take a hot bath in Epson salt water. The salt will work to kill your infection and clear that scent up, while the hot water will make you feel refreshed and allow you to regain some of that confidence that you have been missing.