Massage Candles – A Massage Oil Option for Therapists and Couples


What exactly are massage candles? Massage candles are a new type of candle made from cosmetic ingredients instead of candle wax. Because of their unique formulation, they have a very low melt point, becoming a warm lotion that is just over body temperature as they melt. Similar to a hot bath, they melt to become comfortably warm, but never hot.

You will find massage candles made with a variety of ingredients. The most basic contain only soy. The best will also contain a substantial amount of other ingredients known to add superior moisture to the skin and give the melted oil an emollient slide.

Massage candles are an exquisite option when giving a sensual couples massage. They set a romantic mood, emit soft fragrance, and melt to become a delightful alternative to regular massage oil.

Massage therapists are also selectively using massage candles in their practices. Most often used for hand or foot massage, massage oil candles provide a unique option in lieu of traditional massage oils. The candles can also be sold in the practice, providing an incremental stream of revenue and profit.

If you would like to try massage candles, use these shopping tips to help you get the best value and use from your purchase.

o Review massage candle ingredients. To comply with the FDA, massage candles must list all ingredients due to their intended use on the skin. If ingredients are not presented, the maker is not meeting FDA requirements. The best quality candles will contain ingredients other than soy. Look for skin-moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, and similar properties known to provide benefits to the skin.

o Beware of “highly scented” massage candles. To keep massage candles skin-safe, they must be made with skin-safe fragrance oil used in skin-safe amounts. If a massage candle is touted as “highly fragranced” or is described in a way to suggest it will scent an entire room or home, it is almost surely NOT skin-safe.

o Look for a convenient and accessible container. Many traditional candle jars and containers will make it difficult to get to the melted liquid for easy and convenient use. The container should be easy to dip into or pour from to access the melted lotion.

o Try the candle if possible. If you’re able to try it first, a quality massage candle will never feel waxy or leave a heavy residue. If it does, your candle is most likely made with low quality ingredients or traditional candle wax. Quality massage candles use cosmetic-grade ingredients and should melt into a lotion that fully soaks into your skin within a few minutes. Your skin should feel silky and soft after use.

If you haven’t experienced a massage candle yet, you owe yourself a treat. Just do a bit of research to ensure that you’re buying a candle that is made to FDA specifications and that uses high quality ingredients. Then just light your candle and enjoy an exquisite massage!