Building Sexual Health by Building Confidence

Mens Issues

Contrary to what many men believe, good male sexual health isn’t all about having a really big penis, or a really handsome penis, or even really exceptional penis health (although a penis that is in good health already has a big head start where sex is concerned). In the first place, there are many different factors that all combine to create an example of good male sexual health, and no one factor is the be-all and end-all of sexual health. However, one of the more important – and often-ignored – components in achieving good sexual health doesn’t directly relate to the penis at all: confidence. The confidence that a man has in himself has a big impact on his sexual health and well-being.

There are many possible reasons why a man may suffer from erectile dysfunction, including lack of confidence. This same lack may make a man feel unattractive and undesirable, and may therefore make him hesitant to seek out potential partners. So building confidence is one way to help build sexual health.

With that in mind, following are some tips at building confidence:

– Spend more time with someone who makes you feel good – and less with those that don’t. Many people have a friend or acquaintance who has a way of making them feel special or prized or valued. If a guy needs to build his confidence, it helps to be around someone who sees the positive aspects and makes him aware of them as well. By the same token, he needs to spend less time with those people that have the opposite effect and bring him down. It may be impossible to cut these people out altogether, especially if they are work colleagues or family members, but finding ways to decrease the amount of time spent with their negativity will help.

– List assets. A guy needs to take time to write down things that are good and positive about him. These can be characteristics (e.g., dresses well, practices excellent hygiene, says hello to doorman) or achievements (e.g., cleaned up file system, took dog for long walk, beat deadline on important project, etc.). If it’s hard to think up items for the list, he should consult with a good friend. And after the list is compiled, he should read it at the beginning of each day and add to it at the end of each day.

– Set challenges that are realistic. For example, rather than setting a goal of losing 100 pounds, set a goal of losing 5. Once that is achieved, think about setting a goal to lose 5 more.

– Celebrate successes. Many people feel self-conscious about acknowledging things they do well. A man should feel free to celebrate when he has achieved something or done something that was challenging.

– Do something enjoyable. Especially when feeling stressed and overworked, make a point of doing something enjoyable – swimming, reading, cooking, whatever. Releasing the stress can help boost confidence.

– Talk with a professional. Most importantly, if a man has significant confidence issues, he should seek out help from a mental health professional or life coach. Lack of self-confidence can be debilitating – and not just to sexual health – when it is extreme.

Boosting confidence can be a boon for sexual health, especially if penis health is already taken care of. For the latter, it helps to regularly apply a superior penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Men should be certain to check the oil’s label to see if it includes L-carnitine and arginine. The former is a neuroprotective ingredient to help maintain proper penis sensitivity. The latter is an amino acid which helps boost nitric oxide and keep penile blood vessels open and flowing.