What You Should Know About Removing Stretch Marks With Lasers

Skin Care

Stretch marks, are literally marks on the skin, that are due to stretching. These marks are very common, over half of all women will experience this type of scarring at some point in their life. Some men will also develop marks during puberty or other times of rapid growth and excessive weight gain.

For most women, it is common to get these marks from excessive weight gain as well, during puberty, or during pregnancy.Some women are not bothered by these marks. In most cases, these women have the marks in places that aren’t very visible, such as the stomach and breasts.

Other women may get these marks on their hips, the backs of their thighs and their inner thighs. If this is the case, a woman might be embarrassed to wear a short skirt or a bathing suit during the summer months.While the marks due fade over time to a dull silvery shade, they will still be visible.

This is because the marks actually affect the top layer of the skin. In other words, the marks are not just cosmetic. Rather, the marks cause visible changes to the skin which will not improve over time, unless a woman treats her skin.In some cases, a woman may find that preventing the marks in the first place is the best cure.

Some doctors claim, that keeping your skin moisturized, especially during pregnancey, can help prevent the marks. However, this may not work for all women. Of course, there are many different types of creams available in drug stores and online which claim to fix the scars.

Some of these creams are very expensive, while others don’t cost that much at all. Women who decide to use creams should take care to follow the directions exactly and to allow time for the product to work.

Stretch mark laser removal, is another way to get rid of the marks. Laser removal is quick, painless and easy. Instead of lightening the marks, this procedure actually removes the damaged skin cells. Over time, the damaged cells are replaced with new cells. In as few as two sessions, a woman’s marks can be removed.

Removing stretch marks with lasers, will require the expertise of a plastic surgeon, who has experience in such procedures. The procedure itself can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars on up, depending upon a number of factors. In most cases, this procedure is not covered by insurance. However, many doctors have financing plans, which can make this treatment much more affordable.

In most cases, patients are able to return to work in a few days. Side effects include skin tenderness, redness and a minimal amount of swelling. These symptoms usually subside quickly. In some cases, patients may experience a slight amount of pain. This side effect can easily be managed with over the counter pain relievers.

To find the right doctor, it is important that you do some research. In some cases, it is possible to get recommendations from friends and family. Searching online can also give you an idea of the type of laser treatments that are available and the cost breakdown of the different procedures. Some surgeons offer a free consultation for prospective patients, which will help you decide if laser treatment is right for you.

So remember to do your homework and get as much information as you can. Only then will you be confident and knowledgable enough to decide if this procedure is really something you would like to do.