Yoga Inversion Swing – Steps on How to Get Started


Yoga Inversion Swing – Steps on How to Get Started

TO BE SUCCESSFUL – ALWAYS: Check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine! Then, if O.K. –

– Have someone take a picture of you before you start using the Yoga Inversion Swing.

– Write down the date you start exercising.

– Weigh yourself.

– Measure your waist, chest, arms, thighs, and hips and write down the measurements on a sheet of paper.

– Keep the paper somewhere safe and close to your Yoga Inversion Swing.

– Write down the problems you are having, i.e., back problems, neck problems, large thighs, trouble sleeping, stressed out, etc.

– Write down when these problems start to lessen or go away.

– After one month, weigh and measure yourself again and every month thereafter.

– Take a new picture once a month. Seeing is believing, keep up the good work!

– If you need to lose weight, choose a method for fat loss along with using the Yoga Inversion Swing daily for best results.

– It is suggested that children can also benefit from the Yoga Inversion Swing, but an adult should be present to supervise them since it is not a toy.

– The Yoga Inversion Swing should be kept in a safe place out of children’s reach when an adult is not present to supervise.

Steps To Get Started Fast:

1. To get started fast you need to get organized first. You would have already made a decision on what you will be hanging from, the ceiling, a doorway, or a free hanging stand. A free hanging stand will be the safest and best way. Set up the free hanging stand or prepare the ceiling with proper instructions and hardware.

2. Do the work of putting together the free hanging stand or set up your other method of suspension properly and make sure it functions properly. A word of caution, make absolutely sure it will support your weight or the heaviest weight in your household of whoever will be using the swing before actually hanging upside down from whichever method you have chosen. If you have chosen the method of the ceiling, the strongest point of the support beam is in the corner of the room.

3. Choose or purchase Yoga clothing that is close fitting and stretchy or clothing you feel comfortable exercising in.

4. Completely read all instructions on how to mount and dismount correctly and then practice until you feel comfortable doing it.

5. Choose a time of day you will and can invert and exercise on a daily basis and stick to it to make it a habit.

6. Choose the easiest exercises to learn and begin implementing them slowly into your exercise routine. Do not do too much too fast as you can and will become sore. Build on your successes and go to more challenging moves only when you have mastered the easier ones.

7. Map out your target areas for exercise to match with each exercise you will be performing. For example, if you need to work on your abs, pick exercises for the core, if you have lots of back pain, focus on inversion, if you need to destress, focus on the exercises that will help with that area.

8. Keep progressing daily so that you will be getting stronger and more healthy each passing day. Do not do too much, you don’t want to get injured. You want to elongate your muscles, lose inches, build muscle strength and reshape your body.

Enjoy yourself and watch yourself getting slimmer and more healthy and flexible with a balanced body with each passing day!